Audio Mixing

Mixing audio is the art of combining two or more audio tracks together using art, technique, and tools such as equalization, reverb, delay, effects, and compression.

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Audio Mastering

Audio Mastering is the art of taking multiple fully mixed stereo tracks and combining them, in the proper order and arrangement, to make an album. Techniques used involve eq, compression, limiting, audio editing, adding fades, and inserting tags for a commercially viable release.

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Record Production | Engineering

Do you have songs and have always dreamed of releasing your own single, e.p., or album? If so, I can help! I help artists and bands realize their budgets, book studios, schedule world-class musicians (if required), engineer their project, assist with song arrangement (if required), complete the post-production process, get cd's manufactured (if required), and assist in digital distribution. Need a more specialized approach? I can help you with that as well! In addition to record production and engineering, I also offer voice-over services in national and local broadcast markets for corporations and labels.

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Since 1993

Rob Coates at Blackbird Studio D


My name is Rob Coates. I am a mix engineer, mastering engineer and record producer. In addition, I am an adjunct professor at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. I have had the unique opportunity to work in the music industry within a full-time capacity for over 23 years. My goal is to help clients succeed with their goals, aspirations, and dreams. Regardless if its an album or single that you need mixed, an album mastered, or a fully produced record, I am here to help you! This is your opportunity to succeed on your latest project and it is my job to help you arrive there.

Why choose me for your project? I take the time to listen and care for what you have to say. There is no place for ego, pride, or dictatorship in the studio. I am here for YOU and am a "Team" player. I make every effort to treat every project I take on with the utmost importance and attention to detail. In addition to detail, I go beyond expectations to ensure your project will stand out.  My job is to help you be the very best you can be at any given time and moment. I encourage you to do it the right way. If you don't believe in yourself enough to do your project the right way, and stand out among the crowd, then why should others believe in you and your project? Let's work together to help make your special mark on this World!

In addition to working in the music industry, I am a husband, father, and baseball coach. In my spare time I take great joy in hobbies such as coaching little league baseball, playing various musical instruments, reading, learning and teaching. I am a Christian and  love the Lord with all my heart. He helps guide me in all that I do. If you have interest in learning more about being a Christian and who Jesus is, please never hesitate to ask. I will be more than glad to share my experiences.

With this being said, I invite you to explore my website and discover all the various services I have to offer. Thank you so much for taking the time to consider using me on your next project. I truly understand and appreciate all that goes into making that very choice. If at any time you have questions, please feel free to reach out and ask. I will be more than happy to help in any way I possibly can! In closing, God has given you a gift, what you choose to do with that gift is your gift to Him! Stay Positive. Stay Motivated. Never Give Up!



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