I do not have the ability to play an instrument but have several songs. Can you help me with providing musicians in the studio?

Yes! I have access to the most talented studio musicians in the World. These are World-Class musicians with years of experience and plenty of credits to go with it. In most cases, you have probably heard them play on some of your favorite records!

I am a singer, but don't have any songs. Can you help me?

Yes! I have access to several song banks and have developed relationships with World-Class songwriters. Nashville is full of incredible songwriting talent. For the right project, I will help you find the songs that meet your style, vibe, genre, and project goal.

Some of my band mates and I have been working on some music at one of our homes. We were wondering if you can take what we have recorded and help get it to the next level?

Of course! It is my pleasure to help in anyway possible. I often times work directly with home recordist to get the best outcome they can get with their given engineering ability and equipment. While a great product release starts with a great recording, I can often times help offer solutions and suggestions to get the best possible outcome given the experience and equipment you have. In addition, I am more than willing to mix or master your project to help it sound more professional.

Do you have samples I can hear of your work?

Yes! Please visit my Portfolio HERE! Listed are a few samples of my work. While I have hundreds of projects under my belt over the past 20 years, I have selected a few from various styles I feel you may be interested in hearing. Do not hear a style in the portfolio you are looking for? No problem! Contact me and let me know. Chances are that I do have a sample in that specific genre for you to review.

Can you make me famous?

No! I cannot make you famous. Fame comes due to hard work, determination, having the right team working with you, and stellar marketing. While I do plan to help you succeed with your project, I cannot guarantee fame. Having a great recording is just the beginning of your journey. I will however be glad to offer tips on the next steps to take when your project is complete.

I just worked with another engineer and producer but am not completely happy with the result. Can you help me?

Yes! I will be more than happy to assist you in obtaining the result you are looking for. After obtaining the files from your previous producer or engineer, we will create a game plan to ensure the completion of  the successful project you have in mind.