Audio Mixing

Mixing audio is the art of combining two or more audio tracks together using art, technique, and tools such as equalization, reverb, delay, effects, and compression.






Audio Mastering

Audio Mastering is the art of taking multiple fully mixed stereo tracks and combining them, in the proper order and arrangement, to make an album. Techniques used involve eq, compression, limiting, audio editing, adding fades, and inserting tags for a commercially viable release.


Record Production | Audio Engineering

Do you have songs and have always dreamed of releasing your own single, e.p., or album? If so, I can help! I help artists and bands realize their budgets, book studios, schedule world-class musicians (if required), engineer their project, assist with song arrangement (if required), complete the post-production process, get Cd's manufactured (if required), and assist in digital distribution.






Do you need voice-over work done for a corporate, label, or church project? Contact for details!

Home Recording

Do you have a home studio but lack the knowledge or time to complete certain tasks? I can help. I will work with you to help you finish your project no matter where you are. I have access to multiple DAW programs and am willing to work closely with you to ensure you get the best possible production directly from your home. This will also allow you to save money in the process!


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